Here you can find a wide selection of photos from our company.

Snowhotel 2013-2014

Photos of our brand new location 2014. Photos by Nevra Arts.

105 Photos

Snowhotel 2012-2013

Pictures of Kirkenes Snowhotel season 2012-2013

27 Photos

Kirkenes Snowhotel 2011 - 2012

Picture from Kirkenes Snowhotel Season 2011-2012

46 Photos

Assorted Photos from Kirkenes Snowhotel

Photos:Victor Norrbeck

52 Photos

Snowhotel Rooms

Pictures from Kirkenes Snowhotel

10 Photos


We have 85 huskies ready to take you and your friends out for some fun.

13 Photos


Meet our reindeers in our Gabba park

4 Photos


Try your luck on the ice.

5 Photos

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