Just a short walk from the center of Kirkenes is Gabba Reindeer Park. Here you can meet three friendly Rudolf’s year-round.
Reindeer are kept as livestock by the native people of northern scandinavia the Sami. These hardy animals have traditionally been used for almost anything. They are known for their ability to pull sledges, but also after the slaughter there is no limit to the parts that can be used: meat, liver, heart, tongue, blood, bone, antler and leather have been used – and are still used – at a variety of purposes. Reindeer meat – along with fish – dominate the traditional Sami cuisine. and a reindeer skin is highly valued for its insulating abilities, a very important capability in this arctic region.
The reindeer is our friend. We at Kirkenes Snow Hotel has created a reindeer park, a nature reserve in mini format in combination with a visit park, where our guests can see and meet our reindeers. These reindeer are domesticated and are very friendly. They like to pose with you! Here you have the chance to capure this years Christmas card. You can also tempt the reindeer with some delicious moss.
Saami experiences
Sit by the fire, have a cup of coffee and listen to the Sami tales. Not infrequently do you get hear a yoik too!
The Sami tent “lavvu” is the traditional building of the Sami people, and a important symbol of the Sami. The framework is of timber and covered with cloth or reindeer skin. This building is still part of everyday life for many Sami. In our days, lavvus are used as a residence for shorter periods, such as the deer moving season. If you want to experience the essence of the Sami culture, we encourage you to stop by our Lavvu. Here you can sit down on a reindeer skin and relax, drink a cup of delicious coffee and listen to our Sami guides, Josef and Päivi, which has a few things to tell about the Sami culture. Who knows, maybe you get the opportunity to learn a yoik, too? Bures boahtin!

Gabba Reindeerpark

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