How is the Snowhotel made?
First we produce a lot of snow with water and snow-machines. Then we blow up a large balloon and we cower this with snow. When this balloon is totally covered with 2 meters of snow we deflate the balloon and remove it, we then have a circular room. For the corridors we use wooden molds we cover them in snow and remove tho molds.

When is the Snowhotel open?
We open 20th of December and close 20th of April.

How cold is it inside the Snowhotel?
The temperature inside is constant minus 4 degrees Celsius.

How do you sleep inside the Snowhotel?
We have 20 bedrooms with normal mattresses. on top of the mattresses there is thermal insulation. And you get a sleeping bag made for extreme expeditions, rated for minus 30 degrees Celsius Most guests say it is to hot inside the sleeping bag.

In the pictures it looks like the bads are made of ice!
We have placed ice-blocks around the beds to create the illusion of ice-bed? Sleeping directly on ice would be a bit drastic and not very comfortable.

How are the lighting in the rooms?
Every room is differently decorated and that is why we also use different lighting to create different atmosphere, The lights are LED witch gives of very little heat. For security the lights are not switched of.

Do you have Bathrooms and showers?
We have nice bathrooms, showers and sauna in a building next to the snowhotel, so you have to leave your sleepingbag for a few minutes.

Who is sleeping in the Snowhotel?
It is usually couples. Average age is around 45. Our oldest guest has been 92 years old! We have have seen proposals being made and we have also arranger weddings.

Is the snowhotel safe?
Yes. Our Snowhotel is constructed after calculations made by a Finnish professor of snowbuilding. The snowhotel stands a month after we close for the season!

Who should not sleep in a Snowhotel?
People with claustrophobia have had trouble sleeping in the Snowhotel, In a season we have maybee 3 or 4 persons experiencing this. We also have a age limit of 7 years for children.

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