Snowmobile is a vehicle used for both transportation, recreation and sports. When driving a snowmobile in Norway you have to follow regulated tracks, this is to not harm or disturbe the wildlife and fauna to much. Snowmobiling is fun and exciting and easy to master. It brings you far into the nature in a short time so this makes it perfect for seeing the scenery, nature and maybe some wildlife.

We pick you up from your hotel and our experienced guides teach you how to operate the snowmobile. We have warm clothing and all the necesary safety equipment needed. Warm shoes and helmets.

Come with us and experience nice snow covered scenery. and Snowfun.

2 persons on each snowmobile. 1 driver and 1 is passenger. Halfway we switch places.
To operate a snowmobile you have to be 18 or older, and you need a driving licence for normal car.

The following excurtions can be booked:

Snowmobile Trip 1
2 hour, Starting at 13:00  NOK 1700,- person

Snowmobile Trip 2
4 hour, Starting at 13:00  NOK 2500,- person, included wilderness lunch

Hunting the Northern Lights
2 hour starting at 21:00  NOK 1700,- per person

Reservation is required, minimum 2 persons

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