White snowcovered nature, a frozen lake under you, and a beautiful starcovered sky above. If you are lucky maybe the northern lights will show?
When snow is falling and temerature is below freezing there is still a lot a ways to enjoy nature! At Kirkenes Snowhotel we have more than 80 dogs ready to take you for an experience you will never forget!
The Alaskan husky is not a breed of dog, rather it is a type or a category. It is lacking international recognition as a breed of dog as there is no preferred type and no restriction as to ancestry; it is defined only by its purpose, which is that of a highly efficient sled dog. The Alaskan Husky is the sled dog of choice for world-class dog sled racing competition. They are very strong and enduring dog. The Alaska-husky comes from Alaska and northern Canada. Alaskan Huskies are often mixed with setters and retrievers. Alaskan Huskies are well adapted to the cold climate in northern Norway their best working conditions is at around -20 degrees Celsius. and still at -35 to -40 degrees they are able to do their job well, But at these temperatures us humans have to say  enough is enough and trow in the towel. The Norwegian Dog racer Robert Sørlie won the Iditarod race twice (worlds longest dog sled race) with the help of Alaskan Huskies.

We pick you up from your hotel, you get warm clothes and equipment from us. Our guide teach you the basics of handeling your team and then we head out into the nature. On the evening trip chances are good to see the northern lights as we are far away from electric lights. Make sure you bring your camera as there is plenty of chances for nice pictures.

We can promise you that a trip with our huskies is some of the most fun ways to enjoy nature, Taking your dog to the park will never be the same again after this!

Choose among the following excurtions:

Trip 1: Husky Fun
2 hour start at 13:00 NOK 1450,- per person.

Trip 2: Laavo and beyond
4 hour start at 13:00 NOK 1850,- per person. included wilderness lunch.

Trip 3: Hunting Northern lights by Husky
5 hour start at 17:00 NOK 1995,- per person. included wilderness dinner.

Reservation necessary.

Special Overnight husky tour: Read more in this PDF file.



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