Kirkenes, Dresden and Malta have got one thing in common: These cities were heavily bombed during World War 2. Kirkenes had more than 300 bombing raids from Soviet airplanes, and more than 1000 times during the war years the Air raid alarms were sounded. This was because Kirkenes was one of the most strategic places in Europe during the war.

Visit Andersgrotta -Kirkenes largest bomb-shelter, built in 1943. Andersgrotta is constructed inside the bedrock in the centre of Kirkenes! We show a 9 min movie of unique archive-film explaining why Kirkenes was bombed and how life as a civilian was during the war.

No matter what political preferances, nationality or ethnicity -civilians should never be targets for the bombing.

Open every day in summer: May – September
Tour and show at 10:30 and 11:00
Pris Kr. 100,- per person

Outside of season we open for booking for groups of minimum 10 persons.

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