When temperature is below freezing there is a wide range of activities and exciting excursions to take part on. We like to show you how to enjoy the amazing winter in arctic conditions.
Let yourself be tempted to exotic adventures in the snow-covered landscape of northern Norway. Here you can experience some of what winter-Finnmark has to offer. Snowmobile Tours, King Crab excurtion, Husky trips, Ice fishing on the fjord, Hunting for the northern lights or spend a night in an amazing hotel built of snow and ice. We have a wide range of excurtions you can attend. Our tours always include experienced guide, warm clothes and necessary safety equipment. The winter in Finnmark offers great contrasts, ranging from the biting cold: down to -30 degrees are not uncommon in mid-winter, temperatures around 0 to 5 degrees in March / April. Dark Season with “bluehour” in December and January. or glittery snow when the sun returns. And off course a chance to see the mysterious Aurora Borealis – Northern lights. We can’t predict the weather but we can promise you that there will be a great experience in beautiful surroundings. Read more about the various tours below.


White snowcovered nature, a frozen lake under you, and a beautiful starcovered sky above. If you are lucky maybe the northern lights will show?
When snow is falling and temerature is below freezing there is still a lot a ways to enjoy nature! At Kirkenes Snowhotel we have more than 80 dogs ready to take you for an experience you…

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King Crab excursion

Join us when we go out on the frozen ocean to catch the delicius Red King Crab. And of course you get to taste the King Crab when we prepare it for lunch in the fishermans house. The red King Crab originally comes from the northern pacific ocean around the Kamchatka peninsula in Russia. It was introduced to the Barents…

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Foto (C) Alexander Johansson


Snowmobile is a vehicle used for both transportation, recreation and sports. When driving a snowmobile in Norway you have to follow regulated tracks, this is to not harm or disturbe the wildlife and fauna to much. Snowmobiling is fun and exciting and easy to master. It brings you far into the nature in a short time so this makes it…

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Aurora Borealis

Hunting Northern Lights with bus

Northern Lights (lat:Aurora Borealis) is one of the most beautiful natures phenomenon you could imagine. Northern lights is magic, flowing, a playful light dancing over the sky. Color is changing most often it is green and blue, but it can also be white, nuances of pink or purple. Sometimes several colors combined in one show. Northern lights is difficult to…

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Try your luck on the frozen lake.
The best thing about icefishing is that you get out in nature, and you feel the tension waiting for the fish to catch the bate. The ice is ca 50 – 70 cm thick and completely safe.
Our guide takes you out on the ice where the chance is best for a catch.…

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Walking on snowshoes

Snowshoeing with guide

Our guide takes you for snowshoe walking in nice nature in the area around Kirkenes Snowhotel. Snowshoes are used by native folks in all northern areas of the world. The snowshoes are much larger than normal shoes, this helps distribute your weight over a larger area enabling you to walk more easily on softer snow. Traditional snowshoes are made from…

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Kirkenes, Dresden and Malta have got one thing in common: These cities were heavily bombed during World War 2. Kirkenes had more than 300 bombing raids from Soviet airplanes, and more than 1000 times during the war years the Air raid alarms were sounded. This was because Kirkenes was one of the most strategic places in Europe during the war.…

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