When constructing the Ice-bar we have used the expertise of the chinese ice sculpturers. Preparations begin already in Desember, at this time the ice on the lake next to the snowhotel is thick enough to use for construction, about 20 centimeters. This ice continues to grow with 2 cm every day till it reaches about 70 centimeters thickness. We use about one week to cut all the ice we need. This ice is cut by chainsaw and towed into the snowhotel with snowmobiles, Here the sculpturers transform it to amazing pieces of art. Every year we use about 15 tonnes of ice for the hotel bar and rooms. The bar and the sculpures are different from year to year, It is always exciting to see what the artist find inside the ice.

Our icebar serves icecold Vodka in glasses made of ice. Welcome to the coolest bar in town!


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